In most houses basement is a space where all the housekeeping appliances are stored. There you can find washing and drying machines, old boxes and many other things. But today is the time of total change and the new trend of using a basement space as an additional living part of the house is becoming more and more popular. Many contractors are offering their help to create a new living space in your basement, but the majority of homeowners are still trying to handle the basement remodelling by themselves.

In this article Guy Solomon, the owner of Penguin Basements – Canada’s highest rated basement finishing contractor is giving a list of the most popular mistakes made by the amateurs. He warns that due to his years of experience he can understand all the nuances of basement remodelling process, underlining that nothing can be easy as it looks like and hiring professionals will save not just money, but time and efforts too.

#1 Moisture and how to deal with it

When the homeowners have started the renovation project, they think about the look and the interior. But basement needs a complex inspection of the whole space and innovative construction methods to prevent moisture in it, even if the basement looks dry now. Every professional will start from an inspection to make the basement moisture and water proof.

#2 Ceiling height

Traditionally the ceilings in the old basements are low and it is hard to deal with this problem by yourself. Guy Solomon and his crew knows some interesting ideas to create the comfortable living space for every person.

#3 Soundproof solutions

As the basement is the space that is located under the ground you need to think about the acoustics carefully. Usually in the basement are located the washing and drying machines – they need to be placed into a soundproof closet, they will not interfere your stay in the basement. What’s more the footsteps from above can be a disaster, especially if you have kids around. So consider all the sound-blocking insulation systems available.

#4 The interior

Come up to this issue wisely. With no doubts a renovated basement will add the value to your house, but it is important to make then it more general and easy to transform into a living room. If you have created a home theatre or a gym, that is okay. But if you have created a photo or music studio or a man cave, there will be harder to find a buyer who will be interested in the same things as you are.

To sum up we should say that it is easy to perform a repair for the true professional like Guy Solomon and his team, but any handy homeowner can face many various problems related to the construction process listed in this post. So if you want to be sure that the repair won’t need any additional improvements use the professional services with the warranty that will ensure you are dealing with the reliable contractors.

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